Houston at Memphis - Sunday at 1pm (W 4-3)

(Patrick) #1

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Lets Go Coogs !

(Dan) #3

Let’s end this weekend with a Coog win somewhere!

(Patrick) #4

Another lineup shake up.

(Patrick) #5

(Patrick) #6

(Patrick) #7

Top 8th

Leadoff walk by Hyland and a double by Davis scores him…Tied 3-3

Balk moves Davis to 3rd, still no outs. Cherry grounds out for the first out. New pitcher for Memphis. Fuentes grounder to short scores Davis, Fuentes reaches on the throw home…Coogs lead 4-3

Bielo walks, Fuentes to 2nd. Fielders choice forces Bielo at 2nd. Runners on the corners with 2 outs. Thomas K ends it.

M8…UH 4-3

(Tom Green) #8

Not watching but would have thought you pr for Davis. Not sure how he made it…blazing speed!! :smiley:

(Patrick) #9

He’s sneaky fast…:joy:

(Tom Green) #10

You can’t be sneaky when your that big!:grin:

(Tom Green) #11

He having a heck of a year. Wish team was doing better, he being getting more pub.

(Patrick) #12

Seriously though, Coogs got lucky as the catcher couldn’t handle the throw. Otherwise, Davis was probably going to be out.

(Tom Green) #13

Yep SS short hopped throw to Catcher looks like.
I take it.

(Tom Green) #14

Who has b8 on mound

(Tom Green) #15


(Patrick) #16

Definitely, Coogs haven’t exactly been sharp today so getting out with a win would be nice.

Davis has a sac fly earlier, but Triolo was called out for leaving 3rd early.

Had a runner on 3rd with 1 out when it was 2-0, but a squeeze by Thomas was unsuccessful and the runner was thrown out at the plate.

1st run for Memphis came home right after Bielo lost a fly ball in the sun in left.

Another run came home for Memphis after a catcher’s throw went into center.

Been ugly.

(Patrick) #17

Roedahl. He got a 1-2-3 inning.

(Tom Green) #18

It went quick.

(Patrick) #19

Top 9th

2 out HBP for Hyland but he’s picked off.

M9…UH 4-3

(Tom Green) #20

Seriously! Doesn’t Davis bst next