Houston at Oklahoma State (3:00pm on Fox Southwest) (W 63-53)

(Cristian) #142

Lets hope that the evil empire doesnt come trying to steal our coach. We have to keep him at all cost he’s building something incredible here.

(sphinx drummond) #143

It never a gimme game when you visit Gallagher-Iba.


Thank God we don’t have the P5 crap in basketball


It better be SOLD OUT!!! 8 pm start. That should be the new start times for most of the games in Houston, especially during the week. I’m so proud of this team. The equivalent of the 2015 football :football: team.

(Cristian) #146

I like FTC maybe even TITA.


Would help if the fans start showing up. These guys deserve it.

(Dan) #148

We won since we are a Jumpman school and they are Nike. Even if we lost we would have woken up in the morning and we’d still be a Jumpman school and they’d still be minor league Nike.


Houston, we have a basketball team…

(Cougarpad) #150

LSU game will be a sell out!

(Jimmy Morris) #151

Robinson had 9 assists and 2 turnovers. He is top 10 in the nation in assist to TO ratio. He needs to protect the ball better? SMH

(sphinx drummond) #152

Eddie Sutton has the most wins of any coach not in the Naismith Hall of Fame. Probably all the time his teams spent on probation is being held against him.

(Terry Walters) #153

Sonny Benefield would say that


Galen is extremely mobile so he is going to get gassed down the stretch

He is having a great season


This team is a deeper team than last year’s. It has the potential to be significantly better. The bigs are much better as a group. Very good to excellent shot blockers. The year of maturity really shows on Brady and White. Brady had a couple of nice post amp possessions in the second half (all I got to see) that were really needed. This team lacks a closer right now. I think either Davis or Brooks will grow into that role. Brooks is an incredible talent.


Their defense & rebounding is superb. Once Jarreau comes back and Cedrick Alley gets more comfortable on offense, look out.


This team is solid and has depth. Using the Brooks treys tells me CKS knows what he has. He is happy and so am I. UH is a national power!


White has made quite the impact since he return.


I’m a tad old school but it’s so pleasing to the eye to watch a team that understands rotations and maintains sound body position both on and off the ball. Kelvin Sampson is an excellent teacher of defense.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #160

I want to hear a NOISY FERT! I want to be able to feel it rumbling in my chest!


…a nationally ranked basketball team.