Houston at Oklahoma State (3:00pm on Fox Southwest) (W 63-53)

(Munzell Milluns) #162

Won the rebounding battle by 11
Held opponent to 35% shooting

The only think that keeps it close when you dominate those catevories is turnovers…of which we had 15.

Play with the same intensity vs LSU and keep TO’s under 10 = WIN

(Steve O'Keefe) #163

Nice to see CKS & Eddie Sutton after the game

Lotta memories playing against Coach Sutton’s Arkansas teams back in our SWC days.

They were good.

(Jimmy Morris) #164

Just a little heads up. Tulsa up by 5 with just over 4 minutes to go against 10th ranked Kansas State.

(Munzell Milluns) #165

We need that win by Tulsa. Tulane was losing by 19 to S Ala with 10 minutes to go. lol

(Dan) #166

How did that last putback by K State not go in? Wow, Tulsa survives.

(Jimmy Morris) #167

Never seen a finish in a close game like that. Huge win by Tulsa.


Great finish in Tulsa.

(gpropes) #169

Tulsa wins! Can’t believe Kansas State didn’t score on that last possession.


Huge double digit road win over a Big 12 school.

Let’s sell out LSU. No excuses.

(Russel ) #171

I think our conference will turn out to be much better than predicted…we’ll see!


Maybe, but Wichita State lost to OU in Norman by 32.

(Jimmy Morris) #173

Yeah but Wichita State is having a bad year and OU is probably one of the top 3 teams in the Big12 this year. The AAC isn’t a top 3 conference but we are solidly in the pack of 4 through 7.

(gpropes) #174

UConn off to a nice start against #11 Florida State on ESPN2.


i wouldnt say bad year, they are heavily relying on 7 or 8 freshmen/1st year players

they will get drastically better as the season gets going

(Russel ) #176

Absolutley Gregg Marshall is a great coach and I think they’ll find a way to land in the NIT.

(Jimmy Morris) #177

Bad year, slow start … still not a reason to worry about the conference as a whole this year.

(Shawn) #178

When Armoni Brooks gets squared-up, sets his feet, and has a split-second look at the rim, his shot is money. He is lethal with the three-ball. He’s got confidence and balls made of steel. Love Corey’s defense, Galen’s game management, and Armoni’s three-point lasers.

Great game on the road Coogs!

Go Coogs. Peace.

(Tom) #179

This was a fantastic win by this basketball team. Very proud of this unit and the head coach. Very good.


I’ve been calling it “The FC”


Not only will UH be ranked, will be top 20