Houston at Rice - Silver Glove Series Game 2: 6:30pm (W 8-2 in 10)

(Patrick) #21

Man, this was looking dire before the 8th…lot of fun now.

(Matt Jackson) #22

Wayne Graham rolling over in his grave…

(Tom Green) #23

He’s not dead yet!! :flushed:


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pitching meltdown like this before.

(Tom Green) #25

Where’s Brad Lidge. He’ll show u what meltdown looks like.


If I remember correctly, Rice beat us like this too (meaning the Coogs gave them the game) not too long ago. Rice vs UH games are always crazy in whatever sport. Especially baseball though, as they have almost always fielded a good solid team…

(Patrick) #27

We did lose a game earlier in the season against McNeese when we gave up 10 runs in the 14th.

(Matt Jackson) #28

My goodness I had almost forgotten that one lol . thanks


Yeah I remember that one too. The one against Rice was within the past 5 years…my age and memory fail me now. Regardless, lets hope our defense can end this one! I have to get up early tomorrow! LOL.

(Patrick) #30

Bottom 10th

Roedahl on to finish it off

  • Popout
  • Groundout to Triolo
  • Single
  • K ends it

COOGS WIN! Big comeback

8-2 in 10 innings.

(Tom Green) #31

Now 10 pitchers. Jack Buck-- “I don’t believe what I just saw”.

(Patrick) #32

I’d have to look, but I think I remember what you’re talking about.

Also lost that 20 inning game in the 2015 Regional to the Owls.


I remember that ended at 3am.

(Patrick) #34

That was a horrible day as we had lost to ULaLa barely earlier.

(Tom Green) #35

Wasn’t that when Houston was Hosting. Sat through long rain delay against ULL, all the area was under water…flooded everywhere. Bad, lost weekend for Coog baseball.

(Patrick) #36

Yes it was.

(Tom Green) #37

U beat me to it.

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #38

What’s the moon phase? That was a really weird game and I only caught the 10th!

(Ryon Adams) #39


(Patrick) #40

Big comeback tonight in a game the Coogs needed. Big props to Bond, Bretz, Villarreal and Roedahl for pitching well enough to not let Rice score after the 1st.

Also, sort of funny, Triolo got the big hit in the 8th to tie it, but was the only batter not to reach in the 10th and ended up with the 2nd and 3rd outs of that inning. Still, aren’t in the 10th without his huge double.

UNLV in this weekend.