Houston at Rice - Silver Glove Series Game 2: 6:30pm (W 8-2 in 10)

(Patrick) #42

Coogs back up to 42in RPI.

Host 114 ranked UNLV this weekend. Really need to sweep them.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #43

Wow. Gotta be a lot of guys feeling bad on Main St.

A six run, two out rally in extra innings…on a single hit? Thanks for the gift, Rice. But we didn’t get you anything. :flushed:


So 6 runs on one hit and no errors, but 7 walks, 5 wild pitches and 1 HBP. What a meltdown! I would have loved to see Wayne’s reaction if he was still there.

(Lurker) #45

its easy to see your personal agenda, talking about what salary he deserves, who he cares about. obsessed much?

(Ben B) #46

Geez, make it a pitchers’ duel for 9 innings then in the first extra your staff gives up 5 runs before they even give up their first hit of the inning!!!

(Russel ) #47

From what I remember Romero had a perfect game going through almost 8 and there were a couple contraversial calls…is that the one?

(Randy ) #48

I think it was a no hitter and a 1-0 game. There were two outs in the 8th and a ball was ruled foul for hitting the plate first when it clearly didn’t… at least that’s what I’m remembering. That guy then got a hit which caused Romero to throw additional pitches on a hot day and disrupted his rhythm. He got the next guy out but walked the first batter in the 9th. It was all downhill from there.

I was sitting next to an ULALA fan and his son played for them. He was really cool all game and kinda turned into a douche when they came back.

(Tom Green) #49

ULL has a good following. I was at the game you are describing. That’s what I remember that it was grounder down 3rd base line but they ruled it foul. He either walked or got a hit after that and next batter got a hit I believe.

(Russel ) #50

Thats right we were set to win that regional and play LSU in the supers. That team was capable of going to the CWS.

(Tom Green) #51

And if my old memory serves me correctly, once Coogs fell behind Wong hit long fly ball that was just foul ( maybe foot or two) and would have been a 2 or 3 run Homer and won the game. May be mixing 2 separate gms up but believe it was same game.

(Patrick) #52

That was the Aggie game in 2017. Bond pitched a hell of a game and held the Aggies to 2 runs. Got to Wong with two runners on in the 9th and he just missed that home run. Would have won the game and they would have played another right after. It was a horribly humid day, but it would have been fun to stick it out for another one.

(Ben B) #53

Home plate doesn’t make something a foul ball.

(Tom Green) #54

I knew you would come through for me. Yep was there, just know I was sitting along 3rd base and was hoping it was fair. Now that you rejogged my memory it was also another wasted oppty because they would have hosted Supers following weekend. Forget name of school but very small school from Carolinas upset UNC in other Regional and played AGGS next weekend. Aggs went on to WS. Lost 2 and came home I believe.

(Patrick) #55

“Baseball is hard and is not always fair,” UH coach Todd Witting said. “You’ve just got to play because you never know what’s going to happen. That’s why you have to keep your enthusiasm level up, even when you are winning or losing, because you never know what’s going to take place during a game.”

(Patrick) #56

• Triolo’s two-out, two-RBI double highlighted a 1-for-5 effort with a walk.
• Lovelace singled twice and scored once in a 2-for-4 effort. He also drew a walk.
• Middle infielders Burkel and Hyland each singled in in 1-for-4 displays. Hyland’s RBI single capped Houston’s six-run 10th inning.
• Bielamowicz (HBP), Cherry (walk) and Thomas (walk) all recorded RBI free passes.
• Bielamowicz, Burckel, Cherry, Davis, Hyland, Lovelace, Minter and Thomas all crossed home plate in the win.

• Junior right-hander Devon Roedahl (7-2) picked up his American-Athletic-Conference-leading seventh win of the season, with all victories coming out of the bullpen. Roedahl tossed the final two and two-third innings, issuing just one hit and one walk while recording four strikeouts.
• Junior Brayson Hurdsman was taxed for two runs in the bottom of the first.
• Senior Nolan Bond came on in the second inning and tossed two and two-third scoreless frames with two walks and two strikeouts.
• Junior Sean Bretz took over with runners at the corners in the fourth. After getting a groundout to end the inning, Bretz retired the side in the fifth and faced one over the minimum in the sixth.
• Junior Fred Villarreal came on to start the bottom of the seventh and recorded four outs before being relieved by Roedahl in the eighth.

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Best defensive catcher in college baseball (not that I’ve seen many others so I may be biased). I’ve said this before, Lovelace may be just as important as Davis and Triolo.

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