Houston at Rice - Silver Glove Series Game 2: 6:30pm (W 8-2 in 10)

(Randy ) #62

The umpire may have said it hit off his foot or something. I remember reading that the radio guys said it was bogus.


Thanks pray10 for the kind words. I’ve said this before, Kyle has never played another position. He takes more pride in being a Catcher than most could ever imagine. He loves being the guy that takes care of the man on the mound, working for him, stealing strikes and letting him throw anything he wants at anytime in the count with confidence. He will absolutely put his teeth on a ball and if you get him the ball with a decent plate time (just descent) he will no doubt throw you out. He’s a kid that’s never pressured, worried or has a doubt that he’ll make the play defensively (Not that he won’t fail, but he’s just not programmed that way). That confidence didn’t just start, its been that way since the age of 5 when he raised his hand and said I want to be the catcher. Kyle loves his Coaches, teammates and being a Houston Cougar. Again thanks for the support

(Dan) #64

Go Coogs! Glad to see they came back.

(Ben B) #65

I remember there being a horrible call. I don’t recall what it actually was. I do remember being LIVID!

(Randy ) #66

Lol, same.