Houston at UCF - Thursday 5pm (L 8-0)

(Patrick) #1

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Thursday : Houston LHP Lael Lockhart Jr. (4-5, 3.52) vs. UCF LHP Grant Schuermann (5-5, 3.94)

(Patrick) #2

• The Knights enters the series with a 32-19 overall record and 9-12 mark in The American.
• UCF is riding a five-game win streak and is coming off a 13-10 win at No. 29 FAU on Tuesday.
• Tyler Osik leads the Knights in batting average (.335) and on-base percentage (.572).
• Dallas Beaver leads UCF and is tied for fifth in the league home runs (11), is sixth in on-base percentage (.455) and tied for sixth in RBI (47).
• The Knights, which were 13-10 in conference play in 2018, was picked fourth in The American Preseason Poll entering the 2019 season.
• UCF is batting .271 as a team and has a 4.27 ERA, compared to opponents’ .258 average and 5.45 ERA.

(Patrick) #3

The power display kept UCF on track as it tries to finish its regular season strong. The Knights have won nine of their past 11 games and five in a row. Their past two wins have come against teams with a top-40 RPI, which has boosted UCF’s own RPI up to 43 as of Wednesday.

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5

Bottom 2nd

Leadoff walk, followed by an infield single (after Lovelace overruns a foul Popup) with both runners moving up due to a throwing error on Hyland, and then a sac fly brings home a run, other runner to 3rd…Knights lead 1-0

K swinging for the 2nd out. Error on Triolo allows another run…Knights lead 2-0

Runner steals 2nd. Single scores another run…Knights lead 3-0

Runner steals 2nd. K swinging.

T3…UCF leads 3-0

(Joe) #6

This is what gets me going. Other than a stupid balk call, Lockhart has been doing great, but he’s got two runs on him, and he’d be out of the inning with no runs had the rest of the team done their job.

(Patrick) #7

One thing about the Coogs this year, if they make an error, runs are likely to score. Just kills this team.

(Patrick) #8

Top 4th

Leadoff walk by Fuentes, double by Davis moves Fuentes to 3rd. Cherry fouls out. Bielo grounds to 3rd, Fuentes out at the plate. Padgett flies out.

M4…UCF leads 3-0

(Joe) #9

Davis takes over both the school and conference record for career doubles.

(Joe) #10

Fuentes thrown out at home on a FC hit by Bilo.

(Joe) #11

:rage: Three baserunners in the inning. No runs.

(Tom Green) #12

This is so typical of their season. Two on in scoring no outs. You score goose egg. Team just doesn’t have IT. I sound like broken record…frustrating to follow!!

(Tom Green) #13

Why has Padgett regressed so much this year. I know he’s has injuries during his Coog career but seem healthy this year but the bat hasn’t been there much to speak of.

(Joe) #14

He’s been pretty solid in CF, probably our best defensive outfielder. But he’s been streaky at best at the plate all year.

(Patrick) #15

Not sure, but I’ve noticed that the guys that came back, besides Davis, don’t seem to have the same power they did a year ago.

Edit: looked it up, Triolo, Fuentes, and Lovelace are all better. Padgett, Bielamowicz, and Lockhart (Etzel and Champion too) are much worse.

(Joe) #16

Hate to sound like a broken record, but Lockhart is having the game of his life and still losing 3-0.

(Patrick) #17

Bottom 6th

Single, another single puts runners on the corners, K follows but the runner at 1st steals 2nd, Intentional walk loads the bases. 4 pitch walk brings in a run…Knights lead 4-0

After a ball to the next hitter, Rooney comes out to pull Lockhart for Bond

Sac fly to center scores another, runners hold at 1st/2nd…Knights lead 5-0

Popout to Burckel ends it

T7…UCF leads 5-0

Be nice if the bats decided to show up this week

(Patrick) #18

Bottom 7th

1 out walk, 2 out single, followed by a homer…Knights lead 8-0

Flyout ends the inning

T8…UCF leads 8-0


It’s unfortunate and frankly a little old with the annual hype, then team takes forever to jell and parts play well other parts do not. Then we have to scramble. I don’t know, I guess I’m frustrated. We can’t seem to get over the hump…

(Patrick) #20

Bottom 8th

Hynes on to pitch.

2 out 2 base error by Triolo (3rd of the game by him). Hynes gets out of the inning.

T9…UCF leads 8-0