Houston at Wichita State - Game 3 - noon (W 7-4)


I feel bad for Fred bringing him in yesterday when Devo was looking good is another Rooney blonder


Plenty of other pitchers to choose from. No need to use the same 5 over and over. Have a plan.


Rooney is just a poor pitching coach again these kids play their buts off and coaching kills us

(steve saxenian) #24

So why did we pull Betz ? He was perfect and threw only 14 pitches

(Patrick) #25

Top 8th

With 2 outs, Bielo singles. After 1 ball to Lockhart, the WSU pitcher comes out of the game due to injury.

Cherry pinch hits for Lockhart, Bielo steals 2nd. Cherry walks and Bielo goes to 3rd on a wild pitch. Another wild pitch scores Bielo. Cherry to 2nd…Coogs lead 5-4

A passed ball moves Cherry to 3rd. Hyland reaches on a boot by the 2B. Cherry scores…Coogs lead 6-4

Hyland caught stealing to end the inning.

M8…UH leads 6-4


Good question why did he pull Devo yesterday with 2 outs and a 4 run lead if Fred doesn’t pitch then you can bring him in early

(Patrick) #27

(Patrick) #28

Bottom 8th

1 out single and a 2 out single end Villarreal’s day. Bayless on to pitch.

Walk loads the bases. Bayless out, Roedahl on to pitch.

Flyout allows the Coogs to escape.

T9…UH leads 6-4

(Randy Randel) #29

Why would you bring someone in with this situation when the pitcher has walked 10 in 5.2 innings?


Another good question let’s see oh yea Rooney is our pitching coach


I think we all know why…

(Patrick) #32

Top 9th

Leadoff walk by Burckel. Shockers got to the pen.

With 1 out, Burckel steals 2nd. With 2 outs, Burckel to 3rd on a wild pitch. Padgett single scores Burckel…Coogs lead 7-4

Davis flies out to end the inning.

M9…UH leads 7-4

(Patrick) #33

Bottom 9th

Leadoff single. 6-4-3 double play. Flyout to Padgett ends it




Nice job boys

(Butch) #35

Good job by our guys…I know our pen has struggled but it held on for us today…

(Patrick) #36

Aggies come in on Tuesday; would be huge to knock them off. Still, was hoping for at least 4-1 in this stretch and they’ve won 4 already.

Cincy comes in Thurs-Sunday. They’re actually doing pretty well this season.

(srassen7) #37

Huge huge huge huge week. Bet against these guys down the stretch at your own peril.

(Patrick) #38

By the way, still haven’t lost to Wichita State since they joined the American.

(Ryon Adams) #39

As I said before, we REALLY needed this sweep. That it was on the road makes it all that much better!

If we can knock off aTm this week, then we’ll truly be back in business!

(Russel ) #40

Huge conference sweep! I know some people are critical of whitting but i give him a ton of credit with how he scheduled this season. We are on track for another tourney appearance.