Houston Athletic Facilities: Baseball

Houston Athletic Facilities: Baseball
" One of the largest in the country"



Very cool video. Thanks for sharing.

Anyone know when it will be complete?

Supposed to be done by September

I wish they post pictures of the progress.

Concept picture of the finished facility:

Looks good. Should help fuel some more regional teams in the future.

Do you have anymore pictures of finished product, looks like you beat Duarte by 5 days ?

Those windows on the left field side are going to be tested often! I might need to drop a few business cards off for my Dad’s glass company. All kidding aside, this looks great and should put us up there with most of the big boys.

Donor Area. Wonder what that means. I imagine thats probably for the Coaches Committee only?

I’m guessing we’re not going to make the “done by September” deadline based off this picture.

Any new photos of new baseball builing?

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Coming together fast now. Can’t wait

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