Houston bowl projections: Week 11

(Patrick) #1

Not too bad. No Liberty.

(David) #2

This would be a good one:
Armed Forces Bowl (Dec. 22) vs. Oregon


If you earn a crap bowl at least get one that’s drivable where you can go up and back in the same day.

(David) #4

And, if it is this one, it’s time for Shasta to put a beatdown on the Oregon mascot. #Payback #YWCF

Of course, I meant that would be a good one if the NY6 thing doesn’t work out.


These all suck. Frisco bowl against Eastern Michigan? Goose bumps down!


You get what you play for. :slight_smile:

(Albert) #7

Gotta support our school not the opponents! Go Coogs!!