Houston Cougar Football Head Coach vote

  • Orlando
  • Applewhite
  • Mullen
  • Montgomery
  • Holgorsen
  • Dykes
  • Miles
  • Briles

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I’ll rank them:
1 - Orlando
2 - Aranda
3 - Riley
4 - Holgorsen
5- -Dykes
6 - Mullen

I hope not:


I believe Aranda signed an extension with LSU today that makes him the highest paid coordinator in the country. Pretty sure that takes him out of the running.

No doubt Orlando has strong support. However unless he supports an explosive offense fan support will fall off in an instant.

Really? If Herman picked UT over Houston because of prestige an not money, I’d guess a guy like Aranda would rather be a head couch at UH than a DC at LSU.

Then why in the world would he go ahead and sign an extension knowing the UH job was open??? It’s not like LSU or Orgeron were looking to get rid of him. That makes zero sense.

Employer comes to you and wants to offer you a contract for more money to keep from you getting poached by UT?
If you turn it down, what message does that send to LSU?
Of course you take it, and if something else comes along, you have more leverage in negotiations.

Why did Herman accept the new contracts UH gave him. Because he didn’t have a firm offer from UT. Herman did not accept the one that was offered last Monday because he knew he was leaving. If he wasn’t sure LSU or UT was going to make him an offer he was going to accept, the news last week wouldn’t have been “UH made Herman a contract offer worth a 7 figure raise”, the new rather would have been “UH and Herman agree to contract extension including a 7 figure raise.”

I think we’ve got a winner with TO. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t hog the credit, in fact, he probably spreads it around. I’m glad that he mentioned not micromanaging. In my opinion, that is one of the great assets that a manager can have. The other is to always be on top of your staff, and when you need to, step in.


Coach Orlando has won me over.


Yep, I was leaning his way more recently, but his press conference today solidified it for me. Give the man a chance.

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Looks like CTO has JD’s vote too


That was really well written by JD :clap:. I can see him walking around reading his pieces outloud before he sends them in.

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I like CTO, and he deserves a shot. If CMA would stay I think we’d have a great HC/OC combo. Further, with CTO’s defensive abilities, IMHO, we would have continuity on the D.

I don’t see Kiffin up there

I didn’t include Kiffin because he seems like another coach that would leave in two years after a successful term.

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Heck, he’ll leave, but if he’d give us a guaranteed 4 years and then was off like a prom dress, I’d give him a shot.

So, didn’t Levine coach the team in the Ticket City Bowl vs. Penn State? We won that one 30-14. Or did Kliff Kingsbury do a lot of the coaching? Levine couldn’t get any of his top handful of OC candidates to sign with us – maybe due to a lack of pay? – and then we ended up with Nesbitt. What’s different this time? I like what I read about Orlando and like that he’s actually been recruited for bigger jobs and turned them down, unlike Tony or a run of the mill continuity hire.

Good point. I keep asking myself the same question “is there a difference between CTO and TL?”

My first thought is if CTO can get a great OC on his side in the first season, it’ll help him tremendously.

I would say I’m 80-90% sold on Orlando but I’m skeptical. I’m ready to give him a chance.

The difference between CTO and TL is CTO is an expert on one side of the ball whereas TL was not on either. TL needed an OC and a DC that could talk total control because he couldn’t for either offense or defense and at the time UH couldn’t, or wouldn’t, afford both a quality OC and DC. So, we got a quality DC and gambled on an OC and it came up craps.

Under the CTH regime UH had quality coaches on both sides of the ball for the first time since Jack Pardee was coach and look how it paid off. IMHO, we must strive to do that again. The easiest way is to hire a quality coordinator as your HC and then spend some money on the other side of the ball. We did when we hired CTH then nabbed Orlando. Applewhite was somewhat of a gamble but with CTH backing him up it mitigated most of the risk.


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