Houston Cougars Men's Basketball: Cincinnati Preview

Game basically coming down to 3’s. Cincy has hit 6 (avg 6 a game), Houston is 1-11.

Nkali starts the 2nd half for Meyer.

Caupain hurt early here in the 2nd for Cincy.

Galen attacking is helping.

37-31, Cincy 16:23 left

Their shots are falling. Ours aren’t.

CKS picks up a T, COOGS down 48-36.

50-39, Cincy with 11:44 left.

Still time, but need to hit shots.

52-41, 7:49 left.

55-47; 4:50 left. Gray getting hot inside the arc.

57-50 Cincy with 3:20 to go. Cincy ball.

these refs suck

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It’s not the refs.

61-50, 1:20 left.

COOGS are 3-17 from 3. It isn’t that they aren’t getting open looks either; shots just aren’t falling. Gray is 0-7 from 3.

no but they sure are biased for UC

61-54 with 57 seconds left. Last UH timeout.

We’ve gotten 6 points from our front court tonight; all from Nkali

Bigs got killed…Can’t just depend on Rob Gray. Meyer, Dupree & Chicken struggle mightily against physically rebounding teams.

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Yep, needed Davis tonight.

3-19 on 3s that is the main reason for loss then refs

Cincy wins - 67-58

Feel like this was a missed opportunity. Still, kept it close to the best team in the conference. If the shots were falling… problem is, if shots aren’t falling, we need something from the bigs, specifically Chicken.

Ah well, better beat ECU and UCF this week.

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