Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)


How soon ?

(Patrick) #22

No Harris tonight, not going through warm-ups.


He’ll be back against Okie Lite. Mild foot strain. Precautionary.


Place is empty


I have come to d realization that-- I think as far as attendance:::

Weekends:: packed.
Weekdays (Mon-Thur):: not so much.


lol the arena looks completely empty, even though the student section by the arena is packed


“Win and they will come”…think this kills that theory

(Patrick) #28

11-7 Coogs with 15:18 remaining

Really like the gray unis.


This game will be used to break in those rims courtesy of Lamar!

(Patrick) #30

18-12 UH with 11:37 left in the half. Students still filtering in.


Corey Davis is still getting used to the new arena rims

(Patrick) #32

25-19 Coogs with 6:36 left in the half.

We’re making an effort to pound it inside, but not doing good a good job of it. Defense has also been a little sloppy at times.

(Butch) #33

Lamar is a decent squad…and the Coogs are playing flat at the moment. It will be good when Corey gets his stroke back…

(Chris Summers) #34

Those higher priced grey seats will look terrible on TV most nights because most of those fat cat folks won’t show up mid-week. The camera angle should be reversed to get the students and more of the crowd.


Yeah, I hate that those seats are the expensive ones

(David) #36

weekday games are hard if you get off at 6 and have to go home before heading out for the game.

(Butch) #37

I think 72 comparing Hinton to a young Drexler is spot on, especially when it comes to running the floor. No doubt Clyde had the ups and dunks, but Hinton is the better shooter at this point by far


Looks like a decent crowd on TV. Remember, just like comparing TDECU to the ROB, what is the average at the end of the season at the Fertitta Ctr, vs the last year at the Hof


Is it dark in there? Looks dim online…


Can’t get my espn3 acct to work! Provider is directtv every time I sign in it just keeps asking me to sign in again, frustration lol