Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)


I have no idea what that last call was about.

Whatever. 20 point lead.

(Mike Higdon) #62

Did they say what was called on Davis? Here they didn’t say anything.


LSU Will Sell out. They’re a better team than Oregon. And LSU fans will come in herds for that one.


It was a travel. The other ref had an elbow potentially.


We need UH fans not LSU fans lol what a fan base we have pathetic


Hard for those of us who live near Dallas to be there for all games.

(Cougarpad) #67

That other ref is the one I am talking about. He is watching another game right now.


Brady is a foul machine

(Marcus) #69

Hopefully they will leave in herds too after we kick their rear.


Always has been lol he can’t help himself

(Marcus) #71

I wonder what his ratio of fouling out vs not.


He’s got to go straight up and not swing down like that.

(Ben) #73

Yeah, I agree. I should drive 85 miles from the Southwest of Houston, across town, thru 5 to 6 pm traffic to watch a game. I love basketball, and have attended many home games when I lived in Houston, but now, not so much. I would like to be able to watch it on DirectTV but I cannot get to ESPN3 . . . . .Shucks, I cannot get it on radio, either . . . . .

(Patrick) #74

51-31 Coogs with 14:44 to go.

Corey just can’t buy a bucket right now.


Feels like we’ve had a few dozen blocked shots tonight.


armoni is a surprisingly bad free throw shooter


Go to ESPN and find the score

There should be an option to watch the game

Click on it

As long as you have on line access to your DirecTV account you can log in and watch the game.

If you have an iPad I recommend the WatchESPN app. It’s easier sometimes


I can’t get to ESPN 3 either and I have direct tv, keeps asking me to sign in over and over I got pissed and gave up



(Russel ) #80

Hes in a bit of a funk…he’ll get out of it!