Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)

(Marcus) #81



But nothing but net from Scott Street lol

(Patrick) #83

57-36 with 11:55 left.

Some sloppy play on both sides. Coogs playing good D though.

(Patrick) #84

It happens to the best of them. He’ll definitely get out of it.

(Patrick) #85

59-40 Coogs with 10:50.

Hope Armoni is OK.

Fabian and Hinton just got ripped into by CKS after giving up that rebound.

(Mitchell Patterson) #86

I hope Brooks isn’t hurt…


Rolled his ankle


Davis couldn’t be any colder - needs to loan some of that ice to Brooks’ ankle.


I have the best results from my Apple TV add on box. It’s one of the best Fathers Day gifts I’ve ever gotten.

(Jerrycoog) #90

Hinton might be the most impressive freshman we have had in a long time.

(Patrick) #91

65-43 Coogs, 8:40 left

Armoni was about to check back in before Lamar called Timeout


anyone know galens career high?


Sampson’s defense never goes into a slump. That’s why this team has a very high floor.

(Al) #94

I wasn’t able to log into ESPN3 either, through Direct TV.


Lamar is so bad at the FT line. The Brass has had lots of fun with them.


Same thing here…grrrr

(Cougarpad) #97

The former Clutch the bear has definitely been working with our mascots. Sasha just went over and started jumping up and down waving at the Lamar player during free throws. I can’t remember last time I’ve seen a UH mascot do that. By the way, the new Shasta and Sasha are growing on me. They just need to fix those ridiculous feet.

(Patrick) #98

75-54 Coogs with 3:04 left

Galen leads the way with 18 now


Brady is like Otis Thorpe just money from inside three foot

(Patrick) #100

20 points at UCF in 16-17