Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)

(Patrick) #101

Brady fouls out after Fabian fouled out earlier


Been in your shoes before (Grand Prairie a couple of years) …I understand.

(Patrick) #103

Coogs win 79-56!!!

Galen Tied his career high in points.



(Marcus) #105

You forgot vs Lamar in 2018.


Otis Thorpe…strong inside guy that was gritty…great defender…great comparison!


lol after this game, the best 3pt shooter on our team will galen Robinson (statistically)

corey will fall below 30% for the season

lol corey and galen switched 3pt% in the offseason


I like how Brady looks for contact when he’s at the bucket.

(gpropes) #109

My goodness, I love Kelvin. Listening to the post game interview, you would have thought we had just lost by 20 instead of one by 20. Kelvin didn’t have a single positive thing to say when asked his thoughts about the game.

To me, that’s fantastic, because it again demonstrates that the standard he’s trying to reach is really high.

(Tom Green) #110

sorry to hear about all the issues everyone was having trying to get ESPN3 to show through Directv. I also have directv and had no issues getting on. I go through ESPN website and hit Watch towards the top right. Then drop down menu select schedule & replays, then will be link for 6pm, 7pm gms etc. Didn’t make me enter my directv password bec it already recognizes my laptop. Not sure what was happening with all the ones reporting they couldn’t get on. As for the game they played lackluster. Competition should really step up w gms against OKST, LSU, ST LOUIS coming up .


Got to get Davis going he is going to be a big key to how far we can go but I have faith he is going to start warming up.


Glad they took care of business after a big win. Really hope Davis gets it going this weekend. Gresham has great timing on his shot blocking. Really excited about his potential. Go Coogs!


I wish Brady could control the fouls. He looks good when he’s out there.

(gpropes) #114

I’m going to be very interested to see how Brooks looks against Oklahoma State this weekend.

He was visibly limping going to the bench after he rolled his ankle, and he was moving around pretty gingerly after he went back in the game.

(Dan) #115

Going on the road will probably do Corey some good to get out of this slump.

(Jimmy Morris) #116

Gotta question. Was listening to post game on the way home. Caught the back half of coach saying this is like October for Ced. Did Ced miss part of the fall practices?

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #117

I hope we never draw that guy for a big game. He looked like someone they pulled out of the crowd to fill a three ref crew. He was tentative…and wrong most of the night. The two things a ref can’t be.

I remember when I was at a clinic many years ago and the instructor told us that ‘if you’re gonna be wrong, at least be strong’. I also remember being told to ‘sell the call’. That guy needs to learn that. Oh, and the rules, too.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #118

The way he limped off I was VERY surprised that CKS sent him back in.


A few thoughts

-Defense was much worse tonight than against Oregon. Still good overall, but there were many more missed rotations and missed block outs. Probably good to get this game out of our system (and still win by over 20) to turn the focus back up for Saturday.
-I wasn’t at all worried about Corey until his last couple of shots. Throughout most of this slump most of his missed shots looked great coming off his hands and were just a tad off. Those eventually fall for good shooters. However, his last few shots looked much flatter and it seemed like he started to press and think about it. He’ll eventually get it back, but hopefully he gets a couple to go down early on Saturday so it happens sooner and he can relax and let the muscle memory take back over.
-I hate overreacting to one game, but I’m tempering my expectations for Fabian a bit. He’s going to be a stud but it looks like it might take him a while to get caught up from the time he missed.
-Galen’s 3 point shot has completely transformed his game. There were a few instances where the help had to close out hard to contest an open 3 from him and he was able to blow by and either score or drop it off for an easy basket. Great to see hard work in the offseason pay off.
-I hoped attendance would be a little better, but for a December weeknight game against Lamar this was much better than it would have been at the Hof or H&PE over the last several years. Really good student turnout.
-Nate Hinton!