Houston falls again

Still top 15, not bad.

I think Gorham is going to have a strong year for us. He has the strength, range and versatility to make a tremendous impact.

He was my sleeper.

I agree with this. Gorham just never found his rhythm last year, but I could tell he’s a better player than he showed. Hopefully that full year of practice for Roberts last year will have him prepared as well. I get excited when CKS says Roberts was probably the most athletic guy on the team last year–a team that included Brison Gresham and Dejon Jarreau.


I’m not concerned about the defense. Bryson is a tremendous shot blocker and he’ll see more minutes. Sampson raves about Roberts athleticism and he’s the same size as White. Plus, we’re adding a 6’11” freshman that can jump out of the gym. He led the nation in blocked shots. Let me repeat… led the nation in blocked shots. Now, offensively we’ll have to see how the newbies acclimate to D1 bb. Thankfully we have some veterans and a few guys coming in known for scoring.


We’ll now be missing our top three rebounders from this past season. Will be interesting to see if the rest of the team can step up and respond with the same kind of production (especially on the offensive glass) that we saw last year.


Yes, dude. Roberts could be another Nate defensively if his effort level matches his athleticism, and his intensity…:grimacing:. Another guy who has underrated strength and versatility. That’s all I want to see from the kid in his first year. Intensity and effort!


I think we will be pleasantly surprised my friend. Gorham could be a combo of Alleys power and Fabian’s touch offensively. Powell will be trying to block everything out of the air. Roberts will be busting his butt to get on the floor (Nate hustle) and will force minutes. All will be better defenders than Fabian and Ced.

They all will rebound!!! that’s why they are here :hugs:

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Alley’s power? :thinking:


Its no surprise that we dropped in the preseason rankings since losing Nate and Fabian. If DeJon stays in the draft, we will fall further. The good thing is we still get to play our way to the Big Dance and then maybe the Final 4. We still have a lot coming back and more coming in with Mark, Shead, and Powell.

Don’t forget about Mark. If he plays up to potential he is going to rack up some major minutes as a freshman


Lose two top players are you’re still ranked 13th. Lol

Yep - that’s the truth; and it is because of three other things: the other players that are coming back; the new players that are coming in; AND THE COACH!

lol… @coogsofcv3 got just a little too excited there. :laughing:

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Butch, I didn’t forget about Mark, I just didn’t put the comma between Mark and Shead and it looked like Mark Shead. However, Shead’s first name is Jamal. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really didn’t direct my comment to you Red, but I see what you did…just throwing it out there that a lot of our fans are selling Mr. Mark short…

The Spirit Group is very excited about Tramon Mark!

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