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Not sure if anyone else is watching on ATT Sportsnet, but the product this year has jumped up in quality.

First off, I had a really hard time aesthetically with the set last year. It was not so great. I’m glad the students at the Valenti School worked hard and built a great new set. So much better.

Second, I know people make fun of Major and his sloth-like coach speak. On this show/season, he comes off as really personable and engaged. Willing to call it like it is (i.e. how they expected to win the Rice game), and very knowledgeable.

I encourage you guys to watch and see what you think. It got me just a little more excited.


I agree on the show and the new set, it’s much improved. I think that CMA will get “looser” as the team begins to win and will show more of his personality. He strikes me as a man who’s probably pretty funny but is cautious showing that side in his role as “coach.” He’s still pretty young to be a head coach at a major university.

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I wish they would recap the highlights at the beginning of the show

Major definitely seemed more relaxed on this episode. I was actually surprised how he spoke about the Rice game.

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