Houston Football: Darl Bauer Mic'd Up

(Ricky ) #1

(CoogNation_14) #2

YES YES YES! I hope they keep posting these clips!

(PortlandCoog) #3

These are cool. I like the video updates.

(Glenn) #4

Darl sounds like a “don’t mess with me…punk!” kind of coach . Just what we need . Go Coogs !

(Timothy Q. Chan) #5

I didn’t see any kissing. Is he not a kisser?


Anybody else pumped and want to go lift some weights?


Nah man i’m eating some good ice cream right now but keep them videos coming I might get me another bowl.

(Glenn) #8

Lifting bowls of ice cream does not count !

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

What about 16oz curls? O change the weight after every curl. That counts right?

(Patrick) #10

I saw “bowl” and winced. Still too soon.


Haa, not me. Look what it got us!

(Patrick) #12

True. Very true.



Not a lot of smiling faces. The shock value is real. lol Great job coach!

(Patrick) #14

(Robert Swearengin) #15

Great to see strength and conditioning work. The heart of a winning program!


Start with 7oz, after a few, go to 12oz, then 16, to 34, and then down all the way to 7. Quality workout!!