Houston gets big NCAA boost after beating Cincinnati

(Patrick) #1

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Beyond seeding, fourth-year coach Kelvin Sampson said the win - UH’s biggest since knocking off third-ranked Memphis in 1996 - resonates across the board from ticket sales for the Fertitta Center to recruiting.

“I think it helps with your image and perception and the way people look at you,” Sampson said. “Everybody in the country (Thursday night), even if you didn’t see the game, you saw the highlights. Because, if you beat a ranked team, they are going to play that in a loop over and over and over on SportsCenter and Fox Sports.”

(Ben) #2

Good, FAST basketball sells in the Houston market. Wins make a big difference, too. Joining us (me, my lady and my brother) for last Sundays game was a close friend of ours and football season ticket holder. When asked if he wanted to join us for the game, he said he had gone to a game some years back and it was so boring he did not want to return. Told him it would be different this time around, and he enjoyed the game so much he joined us Thursday night, and brought along a friend to share the excitement . . . . . Thank you so much offered to our coaching staff, lead by CKS, and to the entire BB team. You guys are a pleasure to watch. Love the intensity on D and the excitement on O. Keep it up, please . . . . .