Houston has the pieces to be good again — very good. Get used to it

If you don’t have a subscription this is the one to do the free trial for. Very in depth look at the team.

“I’ve got a freshman,” he says. “He’s kind of in the background with these guys because they’ve all played so much, but this Tramon Mark kid, without gushing too much over him, I’ll say that kid is going to be good.”

*In addition to those five, there’s also Cameron Tyson, who averaged 13.5 points and made 106 3s as a freshman at Idaho, and freshman point guard Jamal Shead, whom Kellen says is the best on-ball defender as a freshman the staff has coached at Houston. *

With all that depth and star power in the backcourt, Kelvin Sampson plans to play four-guard lineups often and he wants to play fast.


This a is the best breakdown about our program I have read in years. Pay to get the entire article.

Just some tidbits
Jarreau has grown to 6’6
Mills has grown to 6’5
Grimes is 6’5

Mills has gained 15 lbs
Sasser has dropped about 15 lbs and is quicker

Mark is going to be really good

Shead is the best on ball defender of any freshmen who have come through the program.


Haven’t read it yet, but came to post the link. Also if anybody gets a new subscription or a free trial, there are multiple good articles on UH by the Athletic. The Sampson early days one and the ass-cheek screens articles are awesome.

Few things that stands out for me

  • Tramon Mark
  • Tyson is getting mins
  • Powell isn’t ready yet but hopefully by tournament time he will
  • Gorham will play if his shot is falling but doesn’t sound like expectations are high on any of the bigs
  • Jarreau is the key to how high the ceiling goes (@pesik)
  • Finally will get to see the team play uptempo

I agree, but there’s a lot more. I’m so pumped after reading that article (I also joined at the sale price for the article).


Any legit sports fan should have a subscription to The Athletic. Great source


I don’t see it as a lack of expectations from our bigs.

The expectations are that Gresham is going to be an elite defender and rebounder.
The expectation is that Chaney plays really hard and we know he likes to rebound and score in the paint.
Roberts can play either big spot and is very athletic.
Powell will be developing and may be favored in certain matchups.
Gorham can shoot he just needs to be more consistent

Of course the focus is going to be on our guards but that does not diminish the importance of our bigs and what we expect from them each game.


Correct I just meant on them being counted on to score consistently. As a group they will be important for rebounding and defense. Also the section talking about the bigs is a lot smaller than the guards and wings.

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Mills with another inch and added weight is going to be scary for opponents.
I see Jarreau playing PG and PF

My favorite line up to start is…

That’s three 5th year SRs!

With the four guard lineups we will play I think there will be room for all 6 guards to get time
Sasser, Mark and Tyson.
Shead may get some spot time but I expect to see him getting a lot of minutes from 36-40 in decided games.

I think we may see a lot of combinations with the bigs and won’t be surprised to see any of them playing the center in our small ball based on who the opponent is.


Definitely going to see a lot of Gresham/Chaney(if he gets a waiver) as the big in small ball lineups. If CKS really gets creative may see some with Roberts at the 5.

That article got me really pumped too.

My tidbits I’ll drop just because they relate to things I’ve discussed with others on here (but yes, go subscribe if you don’t already)

  • I’ve thought some folks have been too high on Sasser’s ceiling because I didn’t think he has enough burst to get to those lofty expectations but after seeing this article indicate that he dropped 15 pounds and is a lot quicker that could really change my expectations for what he can become.
  • I’m not sure we can completely say Tyson will get minutes but for those down on him because we haven’t got a lot of quotes about him who were high on Gorham for that reason there are some quotes in here from Kellen about how well he can shoot and how that makes him a great fit.
  • Shead redshirting would make some sense based on the numbers game but he’s going to make it hard because of how well he defends.
  • We are going to play four guard lineups with Deeky, Grimes and Mark all potential small ball 4’s.
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Based on the need for shooting and his fit I think he will see minutes. Now if he can’t play I’m sure that will change.

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By get “minutes” I more meant be a part of the rotation. He’ll see the floor at some point for sure. There’s a ton of guard depth though. However, if 10-20 minutes a game total for some combination of Mark/Grimes/Deeky come playing the “4” in a four guard lineup that’s definitely going to open up opportunities for other guards/wings.

I’ve definitely firmly been in the camp that Tyson could be a part of the rotation given how badly we needed more shooting last year when others have for whatever reason written him off.

Gotcha hopefully he can be apart of the rotation and bring back the Armoni and Corey shooting vibes lol.

On a side note, I know its a coincidence but now the team is playing small the same year the Rockets decided too.


Oh yeah, and my biggest takeaway from the article was please, please, please, please let us have a college basketball season.


lol Thanks for the heads up with that final sentence. I was JUST about to click on the article here at work. :flushed:

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Tramon Mark is going to be awesome. A Vince Carter level athlete with a more aggressive scorer’s mentality. I can’t wait to see him.


I’ve only seen some highlights and I’m pumped about Mark, but seriously? Vince is one of the most athletic wings in NBA history. Are you sure about that assessment?

tyson from the jump ive always seen as a safety net player… he is an elite spot shooter but the rest of his game is rather poor (defense, rebounding, ball handling, passing all not great)

if sasser, grimes, mills are hitting 3s at a good rate, i doubt we will see much of tyson…but if they shot like last year, we are going to see A LOT of tyson…
tyson wont be the star but is a great accessory piece to other players and sampsons system

sampsons favorite play is probably the fast break 3 something we didnt run at all last year, dejon is also drastically better in a true iso…people will point out that dejon had a poor junior year compared to his freshman year, but if you watch the film he was just as good beating his defender off the dribble, the difference was they were to scared to leave armoni/corey so they played no help d in 2018, and last season he beat someone multiple players collpased on him on the help D…grimes/dejon with a tyson on the wing will make them better, if oters arent shooting well


Damn I just cannot believe what we have got returning and this with players leaving early the past two seasons.
I understand if they RS Shead but also love to be able to save minutes at the end of games. Last year we still had to play starters at the end.
Besides if we lose Jarreau or Sasser for any time or fouls we might need to have Shead run some point.

Our secondary 7 will be better than so many other top 7s we have fielded.


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