Houston hosts #11 ECU in doubleheader on Saturday - 1pm (G1: L 15-3) (G2: L 3-1)

(Patrick) #21

Bottom 1st

With 2 outs, Davis destroys one…Coogs lead 1-0

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(Patrick) #24

Aguilar has a career high 6 Ks through 4 innings and has only given up 1 hit.

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9 Ks for Aguilar through 6 now.

Still 1-0 Coogs

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Bottom 6th

With 1 out, ECU goes to the bullpen.

Davis singles, but the Coogs can’t move him.

T7…Coogs lead 1-0

(Patrick) #30

Top 7th

1 out homerun…Tied 1-1

Single, groundout to Davis moves him to 2nd and another single scores the run…ECU leads 2-1

Rooney comes to get Aguilar. Roedahl on to pitch.

HBP and a walk load the bases. Groundout to Hyland ends the inning.

M7…ECU leads 2-1


Another Rooney blunder Clay pitch a great game and he pitched Tuesday with fresh bullpen you leave him in to fail. I would understand if a lefty hitter was up but two right handed hitters were coming up.

(Patrick) #32

Yep, should have taken him out after the ground out to Davis and brought in Roedahl then.

(Patrick) #33

Bottom of the 7th

Burckel walks with 1 out, steals 2nd, Hyland K’s, Padgett to pinch hit and ECU goes to the bullpen.

Padgett grounds out to 1st

T8…ECU leads 2-1

(Patrick) #34

Top 8th

Leadoff double followed by a single…ECU leads 3-1


Shame to lose this one after the gutty performance by our pitcher


Its still early but maybe UH needs to evaluate the coaching staff from top to bottom. So far this has been a very strange season given the talent we have. The players are not playing at their level, especially the veterans ie proven ones. What gives? Not just hitting either, but base running, fielding etc. It just does not make sense. Strategy, technique, and basic fundamentals absent across the board. I hope it gets better rather than worse. Go Coogs!

(Patrick) #37

Bottom 9th

1 out bloop single by Cherry. Minter Ks looking. Brown Ks swinging.

Coogs lose 3-1

Another conference series loss.


The Brown scenario reeks of miracle last bat casey jones desperation. Didnt work out this time either


Good pitching by Aguilar though. Salud!


I meant great pitching! ECU is a great team