Houston hosts 2019 AAC Softball Tournament (Tourney cancelled, USF gets auto bid)

(Patrick) #1

Going to be interesting how this plays out considering the way the weather is supposed to shape up later this week.

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(Patrick) #3

Likely will move the Cougars game up to around 4:30-5pm

For more information about the 2019 American Softball Championship, click here. Below is the updated schedule for Thursday’s opening-round contests.
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The American Softball Championship
Game 1: 9:05 a.m. | No. 1 USF vs. No. 8 Memphis
Game 2: 37 minutes after Game 1 | No. 4 Wichita State vs. No. 5 UCF
Game 3: 37 minutes after Game 2 | No. 2 Tulsa vs. No. 7 ECU
Game 4: 37 minutes after Game 3 | No. 3 Houston vs. No. 6 UConn

(Patrick) #4


Bet this is going to be a nightmare with all this crappy weather.

(Tom Green) #6

Not sure they are going to get Tourney in. Lots of rain predicted through Saturday. I think Coogs need to win 2 gms to be assured Regional at-large bid . Rpi is around mid 30s I believe so they right on the edge. Had good year but slow start to Conf 2-6 really hurt.

(Cougarpad) #7

Has anybody seen mixed publications of the schedule for the softball tourmament? The website says the tournament is Thursday thru Saturday but I have also seen an email that says it is Thursday thru Sunday with different game times.

(Tom Green) #8

I printed out the bracket. It shows Thursday-Saturday . Single elimination not double like lot other Confs or like Baseball is.

(Tom Green) #9

AAC site has all times for games n bracket for Tourney.

(Patrick) #10

They might have Sunday listed in case they need to play that day due to weather. Right now it’s Thursday-Saturday. They should get the games in today…the Cougar game might be the only one in danger. Tomorrow and Saturday are going to be tough though.

(Patrick) #11

The American Championship

* Approx. 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 9 | Houston vs. UConn | Tickets | Live Stats | Watch
* 3:30 p.m. on Friday, May 10 | Houston vs. TBA | Tickets | Live Stats | Watch
* 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 11 | Houston vs. TBA | Tickets | Live Stats | Watch (ESPN 2)

(Patrick) #12

USF knocked off Memphis in the 1st game, 8-0

Wichita State knocked off UCF in the 2nd game, 2-1.

(Patrick) #13

Video for our game:

(Patrick) #14

ECU-Tulsa are going to extras.

ECU takes the lead in the 8th. Would be a pretty large upset. If Coogs win vs UCONN, they play the winner.

ECU wins!!! Big opportunity for the Coogs.

(Tom Green) #15

Tulsa been pest last few yrs for Coogs. Can’t ever beat them, so definitely opens door but UConn comes first.

(Tom Green) #16

Still not sure why only single elimination in American. Most others are double…currently watching SHSU #1 seed play in Southland Conf Tourney on Digital . They are double elim tourney.

(Patrick) #17

Not really sure. Kind of expensive for teams to fly out for one game and lose if knocked out early.

Did look it up and the Sun Belt, B1G and SEC are all single elimination; doesn’t look like many others are as you said. AAC doesn’t have as many teams as those conferences and could easily do double elimination. Maybe costs of keeping everyone around is too much?

(Patrick) #18

Game about to get going

(Tom Green) #19

what I was thinking. Long way for UCONN to come if they gone in one game. #GoCoogs

(Patrick) #20