Houston hosts 2019 AAC Softball Tournament (Tourney cancelled, USF gets auto bid)

(Tom Green) #21

don’t like Bell starting over Heebner but thought that might happen.

(Patrick) #22

Big hit by Howie there to tie it up…1-1 B2

(Patrick) #23

UCONN immediately scored to make it 2-1. Top 4th now.

(Patrick) #24

Heebner with the big double to tie it up again…2-2, B4

Howie groundout which scores another…Coogs lead 3-2, B4

(Patrick) #25

(Tom Green) #26

They almost got all 4 gms in. I doubt they play rest of tonight. Coogs need to hang on. I feel if they can get into Ship gm against prob USF should get Regional invite.

(Patrick) #27

No chance they play tonight. Might be able to get some in tomorrow evening, maybe some Saturday evening. However, I’m guessing Sunday may be when the tourney finishes.

(Tom Green) #28

something interesting I heard on SHSU broadcast ( they won - 2 run walk off homer in 9th ) that if the Tourney is not completed by 2:00 Sunday whoever has the fewest losses will be determined the winner of Tourney and auto-bid. Lots riding on that since pretty much 1 bid league. SHSU is into Ship gm and will have to be beat twice.

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Updated links to watch. Admission to today’s UH-UCONN resumption will be free:

1:05 p.m. Resumption of Game 4: No. 3 Houston 3, No. 6 UConn 2
Suspended with two outs in top of 5th inning Live Stats Watch
2:35 p.m. Semifinal 1: No 1 USF vs. No. 4 Wichita State Live Stats Watch
5:05 p.m. Semifinal 2: No. 7 ECU vs. No. 3 Houston/No. 6 UConn winner Live Stats Watch

(Patrick) #33

This will be interesting today. I think they get that resumption game in. After that…??? Rain is supposed to hit Houston again right around 2-3 pm and last into the evening.

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Video for today…if it ever starts

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(Patrick) #40

Coogs at 39 in RPI at the beginning of the week. Probably safe.