Houston is in a Huge Preseason/Early Season Tournament!

(Lincoln Scott) #1

Kelvin Mentioned today on the March Madness 365 Podcast today that we are in a ‘Huge Huge’ Preseason/Early Season Tournament that a lot of teams would love to be a part of.

My guess is the Sunshine slam in Florida Nov 8th-10th. 8 team field that is yet to be announced. This is the only true tournament that I could find that was not full.

Other potential tournament: the Jersey Mike Jamaica classic with LSU, Utah State and Rhode Island. I doubt this one because we have played all lf these teams in past 2 seasons.


(Ben B) #2

Pretty sure it is next year’s (2020) Charleston Classic.

(Lincoln Scott) #3

No, the 2020 classic is for the following season the 2019 field does not include us.

(Ben B) #4

I know. I think he was talking about the NEXT season, not this season.

(Lincoln Scott) #5

Gotcha, I didnt get that vibe. He typically only talks about the upcoming season :).

(Ben B) #6

I haven’t heard that part yet, so I’m just basing it on if it was this year he would name it because the 2019 lineups aren’t exactly secret at this point. Most are full and announced.


Are you saying the SEC Dumpster Fire Challenge isn’t a big tournament?

(Lincoln Scott) #8

The SEC tournament is separate, he mentioned that one by name


I thought we are committed to the Hawai’i tournament for 2019.

(Eric) #10


(Lincoln Scott) #11

He mentioned that by name too. Its neither of the ones aforementioned


Teams are only allowed one exempt tournament a year. Next UH is scheduled to play in the Diamond Head Classic as its exempt event. So it won’t be an additional multiple game tournament. Maybe he was referring to a single game showcase? Like the Armed Forces Classic or the Champions Classic.

(Lincoln Scott) #13

Interesting point. Not sure why he would say ‘tournament’

(Munzell Milluns) #14

The Dumpster Fire Classic draws huge media attention. The trophies are cool as Hell.

(Jimmy Morris) #15

Definitely not the State Farm Champions Classic.


Had to figure we weren’t playing in two Hawaii tourneys the same year.

Not the NIT Season Tip-Off

Not the Armed Forces Classic


Not the Phil Knight Invitational


Not the Charleston Classic


Not the Myrtle Beach Classic


Not the Orlando Invitational


Not the Wooden Legacy


Not the Men’s Jimmy V Classic


I’m guessing he was either referring to the Diamond Head Classic or talking about 2020 or greatly exaggerating the prestige of the tourney. The Sunshine Slam would be in it’s first year and is hosted by the same people that host the CBI. Maybe when Sampson said that a lot of teams would love to be a part of it, he was referring to the 200 schools that never get invitations. :wink:

(Cristian) #16

Wasnt he talking about 2020…

(Jimmy Morris) #17

I think it’s too much of a coincidence that Sampson was talking about a future tourney and a major tourney listed us for 2020 in the same week. He had to be talking about this.