Houston-Louisville not likely to alter Tom Herman’s downgraded status

Houston-Louisville not likely to alter Tom Herman’s downgraded status



This was a strange read. Really didn’t make a case that CTH’s status was downgraded, just that the high profile jobs were possibly closing.

CTH has made a few enemies in the press, especially when he cut off access to 610. Seems that some of those chickens are coming home to roost.

Also, the Tulsa game did not have questionable officiating that cost Tulsa the game. That was a poorly officiated game both ways and even if they score, they are still down 1…no guarantees.

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Eh…an opinion piece, but I tend to agree with the jist that CTH is not ready for prime time…yet. Still needs some seasoning,

great news, now they will leave us alone.
he is no good folks, can’t win all his games.
this is not the coach your looking for…" little jedi mind trick action"…did we pay someone to write this article?

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Yeah, I saw Phillip Montgomery’s quote about a controversial call costing them the game against us. I watched the replay of that last play a thousand times and he didn’t cross the plane. Was Montgomery talking about some other play?

It was the play before I believe.

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