Houston Media Backpedaling on Case Keenum


I believe this deserves its own thread in light of the names mentioned and their backtracking quotes.


Great story - lol at McClain’s Texans talk. Go away, dude.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #3

Chris Baldwin has always been a huge Keenum fan.


McLain just kisses up to whatever local pro player / coaches he can so he has a morsel to write about. Whatever Rick Smith or Bill O’Brien want him to say is what shows up in his articles.

(Paul Marlow) #5

Keenum’s journey may have made him who he is today. Glad he never gave up.

If he ever chooses to coach, he has a heck of a coaching tree.

(Jerrycoog) #6

One of the guys on the Texans post game show said they need to offer Case the most money any backup QB gets in the off season. He also said he’s not sure Case would take it because Case has played so well he might want to go to a team where he can start.


Might? Lol

(J V ) #8

After what happened the first time around I would not wish the Texans onto Case. Case can do better than the Texans.


Inspiring video.

It’s nice to see Case finally get the respect he deserves.

(Will) #10

Love it!


…where he can start and win, which means stay away from Cleveland.