Houston Opens American Play at USF - Gameday Thread (W 79-60)

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Coogs open a 15.5 point favorite. Sagarin rates the Bulls the 271st best team in the country (UH at 48). Ken Pom has the bulls at #280 (UH at #40). USF played Ken Pom’s #346 ranked OOC schedule LOL. There are 351 D1 Teams. They played at Indiana (who is not particularly good this year) and lost by 17. Their opponents’ record is 71-97. Most notable statistical difference I see is USF does not take good care of the basketball. Opponents are scoring over 15 points a game off turnovers. They have turned the ball over 38 more times than their opponents. Hopefully a comfortable win with no injuries. I am looking forward to Saturday evening vs Temple.

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As bad as South Florida’s is, East Carolina’s is even worse (#349). Tulane isn’t much better than either of those two (#339). Cincy is at #324 which is ridiculous for them. Memphis is at #312. SMU at #274. We’re at #248. Tulsa’s at #203. UCF at #185.

So 9 of the 12 teams in the American have played an OOC schedule that rates in the bottom half of all of CBB. And we wonder why this conference struggles for bids come tourney time.

Although, the Big 12, who is considered one of the best basketball conferences in the country this year, have 5 schools that have played a schedule ranked 300 or worse, Iowa State just misses at #291, and TCU is #217.

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Kalvin Sampson is now our HC according to ESPN.

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Coogs up 16-5 at the first break.

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Bulls go on a 8-0 Run out of the break. Coogs lead 24-18 with about 10 to go.

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Coogs go on a 5-0 Run and lead 29-18 at the 8 minute break.

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35-20 Coogs with 6 minutes left in the half.




Coach Kalvin has these guys ready to go today. Hopefully they can keep it up the entire game.

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Zanna never gets a call go his way.

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Nice to see a variety of contributors just like last game. Rebounding on point again as well. USF hanging around though 9 point lead for the coogs.

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I really like this announcing team. The color guy in particular does a good job of explaining things that are happening on the floor.

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Final: 79-60 Coogs.

Sorry guys, was at the women’s game tonight and was traveling home during the 2nd half.

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Coogs win and now have a good chance at starting conference play 2-0 if they can take care of business Saturday.

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That was a focused “take out the trash” performance by the Coogs. They never let up and did not look ahead. When Brooks is on this team is not guardable. His ability to not just hit the 3, but the EXTREME DEEP 3 extends the floor even more than normal and creates so many driving lanes. Tulane clobbered Temple on the road tonight so have to imagine the Owls will be out for blood on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the Coogs in person.


USF Cheerleaders 1-0. Wow!!

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Beat the KenPom projected margin (he had us winning 73-60) and the betting line, on the road and with Rob never really getting into a rhythm. I’ll take it. Really like how this team keeps working even when Rob isn’t Rob. Obviously a lot of basketball still left to play, but that’s difference between last years team and this years.