Houston picked to finish fourth in the AAC in preseason poll

About right, and it should be a real battle for second. Lots of new faces for the Coogs, optimistic we will be a tour name not team this year.


#M64 is all that matters

Looks like they don’t know what unanimous means.

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Good point Cogarus Ben.

It was stated in the comments that voters couldn’t vote for their own team, so maybe the unanimous claim is fair, idk.


Only FOURTH???

Hey listen. I know the AAC is regarded as a strong baseball conference, but I’ve come to expect better than that.

I hope that we exceed expectations!

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So the #5 JUCO recruiting ranking in the country only gets us to #4 in the conference rankings?

I hesitate to think where we would be ranked without that good JUCO class.

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Followed summer ball a bit. We are going to be okay, should be a dog fight…good baseball conference…multiple bids.


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