Houston Rankings - Jan 1st

(Patrick) #1

No AP votes and the Coach’s poll hasn’t been released yet.

Pomeroy has us at 37

RPI is 46

Massey Composite
has us at 36

In the sheets the Committee gets, Houston is:

  • 2-0 vs. RPI Tier 1
  • 1-1 vs. RPI Tier 2
  • 2-0 vs. RPI Tier 3
  • 7-1 vs. RPI Tier 4

(David) #2

Arkansas had a big win over Tennessee last week and continues their win streak since losing to UH. Go Hogs!

(Patrick) #3

Lunardi has us as the first one out this week

(Patrick) #4

Andy Katz has us at 30 this week, up 1 spot from last week:

(Patrick) #5

Nice boost for the RPI

(Patrick) #6

And LSU knocks off the ranked Aggies.


At A&M, too. Really good LSU win.

(PMM) #8

Incredible ending. That little guard at LSU is something.