Houston receives votes in the Preseason Coaches Poll

Coogs get 2 votes. CMA is also a voter this year.


Putting a 7-6 UT ahead of UCF says it all about how ridiculously biased the system is.


I guess if UCF goes undefeated again they will not sniff the CFP because they started outside the Top 20? Pitt and North Carolina are their biggest names OOC. I will be rooting for an undefeated UH facing off with an undefeated UCF in the AAC Championship.

And, if they were going to overrate a Big XII team, why couldn’t it have been Texas Tech?


Texas A&M once upon a time got the benefit of the doubt like UT and they are now in the “others receiving votes” category.

Don’t you know Texas is grandfathered in the coaches top 25? Lol


Josh Hypel not getting the media love. Don’t believe he’s the guy. Hope he proves them wrong.

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Almost every coach voting, knows even less about the teams they put in the polls than the teams they will be playing week 12 of the season because all they care about right now is their first opponent.

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