Houston Regional Game 3 vs. Baylor Thread (W 17-3)

Time to get back at it and beat up on the Bears

Radio: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/uh/#live

Gametracker: http://www.cstv.com/gametracker/launch/gt_mbasebl.html?event=1551046&school=hou&sport=mbasebl&camefrom=&startschool=&

Good news is that Baylor threw their ace, Montana Parsons, yesterday against the Ags. It’ll be interesting to see who they pitch today as they don’t have an enticing option after Parsons. My guess is it’ll be either of their 2 other weekend starters, Cody Bradford (5-5 4.91 ERA) or Nick Lewis (6-5 6.10 ERA).

Bradford was the one that we were able to beat in Waco, but he pitched well as he only gave up 2 runs in 8.1, but was out-dueled by John King. Lewis pitched the opener against Romero and also pitched well as he only gave up 1 run in 6.2. Both have struggled mightily since that series.

My guess is that the Coogs will pitch Mitch Ullom today.

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King did pitch well against Baylor in Waco.

Padgett starting today, Triolo sitting. Padgett slots in between Julks and Davis.

Looks like we’re the road team today.

Julks!!! And right after the umps took another run off the board.

2-0 B1

These overly technical, nonsense calls are pathetic.

It appears the corners of the strike zone still don’t exist, either.

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Again. WTF is going on? We can’t beat an offense like Baylor if we have to throw it right down the middle to get a called strike.


3-0 after Lockhart drives in Davis. B2.

And I completely agree @Kronke

King looks good. Need to stop letting the lead off hitter get on though.

The good hitters have to hit when it counts…the story of the season. C’mon Coogs!!! Base hits. Punch it through. That’s all it takes. Consistently. We should be in a better place. Preparation, discipline, and will (ie passion). Lots of missed opportunities this season for those reasons. HRs dont matter if they dont advance the base-runners. Good season overall regardless of the outcome, given the internal circumstances. Hope we make it to another game. Go Coogs! Thanks pray10 for your coverage and your informative and wise commentaries. Go Julks!!!

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Boom, Big Joe!!!

5-0 T6

Excellent!!! But where were they last night?

Facing better pitching last night. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve enjoyed this season and the conversation. Been a lot of fun.

8-0 Coogs, B6. Lockhart drive in 1 and Scheiner drive in 2.

8-2 now as King gives up a homer and a double and his day is done.

Villarreal on now. Strange as I figured he’d be our starter either tomorrow evening or Monday. Maybe it’ll be Hurdsman in that role or we’re just going to have an all hands on deck game. Gotta make it that far 1st.

8-3 T7

So pumped for the future with these freshmen.

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Coogs get the runs back on a Coldiron bunt and a 2 RBI double from Lockhart.

Still no outs.

Me too. But just to make sure, Iowa is not known for great pitching. Good to see our hitters coming alive today! The same story all season…its mental. Maybe they’ll get their mojo back today and move on to the next…if they move on of course. Go Coogs.

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