Houston @ Rice - Silver Glove Series Game 1: Wednesday @ 7 pm (W 6-4)

With their records so far, Silver might be a stretch for these two teams. Maybe by the final game of the series they will be more fitting for a Silver Glove…

Maybe rename it the Golden Sombrero? :sunglasses:

I keed…not giving up yet, long season, but a crucial week.


Amazing how little interest there is on this board. maybe because on top of everything else, we are losing to a suck Rice team…

Well, we lead, so I’m happy.

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Thank you so much for the updates. Between watching my son play all over the place and grandson play little league hard to keep on top of my Coogs but do best I can to support my boys


Slow start for Cherry on the mound, but nice comeback to end the inning.

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After those first two pitches, Cherry definitely has had a good outing on the mound.

How many inn has Cherry thrown so far.

4 inning save

Geez!! :flushed::worried:

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