Houston Roughnecks/ 4 Coogs


I wonder if the Roughnecks are using all our football facilities. If so, I hope they are paying us well.

So nice to have a pro team in Houston.


Damn, the stadium looks awesome from field level. I was kind of…ok with them but after seeing that video I’m already bonding with the team. Lol And the silver and red works much better than I thought.

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I already have tickets for the first game on Feb 8th!



Hell, I’m actually getting amped. Double forward passes. THAT will be fun.


Hope the league makes it. It’s got to be brutal to try and start a pro football league. If the XFL just keeps its fun and can develop into a feeder its got a chance, The problem is the other leagues have tried to pass it off as NFL caliber play and it’s not. Embrace the minor league baseball model and its got a chance. If there is anyone that could make minor league football a success its Vince McMahon


I would take it a step further. Embrace the entertainment side and the quirkiness. Highlight the exciting play and just pretend the NFL doesn’t exist.


Agreed, keep it fun and exciting and it has a shot. I enjoyed the AAF. I think Vince may have learned his lesson from last time.

I am curious about the rule changes and the impact on games.

The overtime rule alone has me wishing for OT in the first game.

The USFL was a viable league. It had a nice following, nice facilities, and an entertaining product that drew well. But, the owner of the of the NY/NJ franchise pushed the league into direct competition with the NFL. That was its downfall. It went down in flames. The USFL sued the NFL for anti-trust and won. Their damages? $1.00. Of course, because this was anti-trust the damages were trebled.


Downfall?.. that move to the Fall was “Perfect”


Who was the owner of that team? Hhhmmm…DJT. The 30 for 30 on it was fantastic.


I bought Season tickets. Also vying for a writing gig with an unofficial fan site. Wrote this as an “audition piece” I guess you’d call it.

Top 5 Reasons The XFL Will Be A Success

Ask anybody about the original XFL and there’s a good chance they’ll laugh. The original incarnation lasted one season, and is considered by most to have been a failure. The XFL is making a comeback this year, and while many are skeptical that this league will have the same fate as its predecessor, those who have been paying attention see it much differently. League owner, Vince McMahon has done his research, learned from his mistakes, and is ready to run a successful football league.

5) The XFL Will Be Family Friendly.

Those who remember the original XFL, will remember that they caught some criticism for how skimpy the cheerleaders outfits were. There were even segments that teased that they were going to sneak into their locker room (only to disappoint fans by only approaching comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield). This XFL will have nothing of the sort. In fact, the XFL will no cheerleaders at all. This league promises to be entertaining for fans of all ages.

4) More ways to watch the games

The original XFL had one nationally televised live broadcast a week, with a second non live game after that, that was recorded during the same time as the previous game. This time around, all the games will be at different times, ensuring fans won’t have to try to decide which game will be the most exciting. Also, with partnerships with ABC, Fox, ESPN, and Fox Sports 1, every game will be nationally televised.

3) Far Less Gimmicky

Most people’s biggest recollection of the first XFL was Rod Smart. Better known as the name on the back of his jersey, “He Hate Me.” The original XFL allowed players to put nicknames on the back of their jersey. They also started games by having two opposing players fight each over possession of the game ball, in lieu of a traditional coin toss. It was essentially a cross between McMahon’s WWE, and football. While this definitely gained curious onlookers, the novelty of these bells and whistles wore off quickly.

This time around, the XFL is focused solely on football. Vince has taken a bit more of a hands off approach, and left former pro quarterback, and more recently, the athletic director for West Virginia University, Oliver Luck in charge as the CEO and commissioner of the league.

2)Innovative Rules

Scaling back on the pageantry doesn’t mean that they’re scaling back on the fun. There are so many rule changes coming to this league, and they’re all designed to make the game more fun for the fan. They’ve eliminated the traditional, almost automatic one point kick. They replaced the PAT kick with the choice of making plays from scrimmage, from the two, five and ten yard line. These attempts are worth one, two, and three points respectively.

Also, replacing one of the most controversial rules in professional football, the XFL has completely overhauled how overtime is handled. Replacing the traditional rules of sudden death overtime, the XFL has a concept that’s more akin to the hockey shootout. Each team will have an offensive and defensive unit on each end of the field, and have a five round shootout of two point conversion attempts to determine the winner.

This, along with a new double forward pass concept, changes to kickoffs and punts, and clock rules will give the fans something different to watch.

1) The League is Fan Oriented

Game tickets range from $25-30 for tickets in the lower bowl, so fans can be close to the action no matter where they sit, without breaking the bank. Season ticket holders even get a field pass to watch a game a year from the field. Teams will also be holding events throughout where fans can meet other fans, coaches, and players.

The league also has a fan advisory board, which surveys fans about how they feel about the league, and what they look for in their football experience, so that they can cater to the ultimate fan experience.

The XFL has a lot of naysayers out there who are basing their opinions on past experience. But Vince McMahon and the XFL have done their research, learned from their mistakes, and have built the foundation for a long lasting football league for years to come.


I hope the league makes it. I would like football during the spring because basketball and baseball does not get interesting until the playoffs when players actually play. I do not like that they took away kickoff. Just sign a waiver stating you know you can get injured playing the a physical sport.

I am still looking for those $25-30 Tickets. They’re currently $60 avg. on SeatGeek. That’s $120 for a friend and I to go without any food.


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Houstonians will find a million reasons not to go…until it finds its way into prime time. Then they’ll scurry out there by the millions to tell people in their office they were there.

I’m gonna go because I want it to succeed. And I like the rip off of Bud Adams on the helmet.


Hope they make it…minor league football vs minor league baseball, I’d imagine the cost to put on fb dwarfs the cost of bb, I love MiLB, can catch a game for $10 or less and the ambiance is so cool

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I hope they become an alternative for top high school players who want to get paid and not pretend to go to class. They can get paid for their most marketable talents, and college ball can be about college ball, and much of the corruption would go away.