Houston Travels to American Indoor Championship (COOGS WIN Men's and Women's Titles)

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Yep, track team is not happy that he was let go. I’m still wondering why it happened and why we didn’t just hire a new trainer specifically for soccer. Bowens was great for the T&F team.

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After Montgomery’s win, Coog men are already in 2nd, only 8.5 points back of Memphis. Just a formality at this point.

Women currently 1 point back of Wichita State.

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1st, 3rd, and 4th for the men in the 60m Hurdles. Lattin 1st overall with a 7.84

Men now in first with 80.5 points, 12.5 points ahead of 2nd place Memphis.

Women also in first after Taylor’s win in the 60m Hurdles.


Do other top track programs also share a S&C coach with other sports? I know its more money, but seems like we should have a guy just for track.

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No, looking at other programs, they usually have S&C coaches for “Olympic sports.” Bigger programs have more S&C folks for the Olympic sports, but I believe UH only has 1 position at most.

Just tough to know what happened. Bowens works his folks hard because that’s what the T&F coaches wanted, and I have no idea what happened with the soccer team that caused the issues. Was he working them too hard, probably, but there’s still some questions there that don’t make sense. You’d think the head soccer coach would have input on the training.

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Bethel takes 2nd in the 60m; Evelyn 4th

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Burke with the 6.62 in the 60m to take the title. Coogs also take 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th. Houston now 29.5 points ahead. 6th straight UH win in the 60m.

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Mechler is going to finish 2nd in the Heptathalon. Men now up by 33.5 points.

Women currently sitting in 4th, 9.5 points back with 5 events to go.

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Coogs get a 5th in the 800m

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Bethel sets a meet record and wins the 200m. Hawkins finishes 7th overall. Cincy girl finishes 2nd so that’s not great for the Coogs. Coogs do move into 1st overall though

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Men have a 62.5 point lead with 3 events to go. They’ve officially clinched another title!

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Adejokun picks up a 5th place finish in the Women’s shot put. Cincy picks up a 2nd and a 4th in the event and may have pulled into the lead. Hard to tell because the women’s scoring is currently screwed up on the live results.

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Hopefully after all is said and done women’s finish #1!


I hate the live results page. It looks to me like we are 3.5 points back. Have the 4th best 3k time with a race to go. Then the 4x400

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Now they’re reporting the wrong scores on the broadcast.


That confused me