Houston Travels to American Indoor Championship (COOGS WIN Men's and Women's Titles)

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Live results have shorted us 7 points on the Long Jump and 11 points on the Weight Throw. They also gave 2 points to Cincy for the Weight Throw even though they didn’t score. You’re correct in that the Coogs are down 3.5 points going into the final 2 events.

Neither Cincy or UH score in the 3K


How do we rank in the 4x400 compared to them?

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Not sure; both are in the final heat so they’ll both are among the best in the conference. Need the Coogs to finish 1st and Cincy to finish 3rd or lower. Houston has the top time in the conference by a lot, but the question will be if Cincy can finish worse than 2nd.


Man, that was a strong race!

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So disappointing for those watching to not know who really has won. Now he just gave the standings before the 4x400 as if they were the final score. Why did he not question how we got 18 points there? lol

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Yep, this is a terrible broadcast by the Conference. Bad video connection and the scoring fiasco. Just awful.

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Cougar men win the 4x400 to finish the meet with a new meet record.

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Woah…looks like Memphis and Houston got upset at each other after the 4x400. Lattin was going after a couple of the Memphis runners.


Memphis track just like their football team? Best trash talkers in the nation

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I noticed that a while back and emailed back and forth with the lady scoring the meet. She didn’t catch on till the 2nd email. Took a number of events for them to fix it!

Too bad they didn’t get it a little sooner, but…CHAMPS!!!


I can’t wait for this guy to come back on and explain that even though he said it like 20 times, Cincy did not win. I am sure it is not his fault, but he should have noticed the numbers not adding up.



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I’m watching the replay of the 4x400, looks like Burke finished up the 3rd leg of the race with Memphis right behind him. Both runners handed off and went to the side with Burke bending over. Memphis runner came over and said something to him. Next time around, you can see Burke getting heated with the Memphis guy. Next time around, there are folks trying to hold Burke back. Then they pan over to the sidelines and the Memphis anchor is talking crap to Lattin who is following him. Hawkins comes over to try to break it up, and then it looks like a Memphis coach comes over and puts an arm in Lattin’s chest to back him away. Got Memphis and Houston runners yelling at each other.

There was nothing during the race that would have caused animosity. Guessing that the Memphis runner came over and told Burke that he was gaining on him or something after they finished and Burke took exception to how he said it. Good ole Classy Memphis.

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It looked to me like they had problems with the Long Jump and Weight Throw calcs. I only looked at the top 4 ('cuz they had UH in 4th place), but…

They gave SMU an extra point in WT (shouldn’t have scored any)
They gave WSU 9 extra points (8 in LJ and 1 in WT)
They gave UC 3 extra points (1 in LJ and 2 in WT)

Glad they got it straight before Cincy got the trophy!!! :slight_smile:

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And our two best 400 men didn’t run.