Houston-Tulane game thread

Houston gets the ball first.

Tulane tries a drop kick, but the Coogs get on it.

Crazy start. Did we get it past the 25?

TD, Special teams.

Winchester recovers the muffed punt in the endzone. Great punt by Roy.

Special teams! Crowd look okay?


TD Greg Ward! 14-0

One behind Beall for most rushing TDs in school history

TD Tulane.


Not sure. Listening on radio today.

Crowd sounds good.

Onside kick by Tulane and they recover.

Students look good

South side after the second Coogs TD

End of 1 - Coogs up 14-7

Tulane driving at the 25

FG Tulane

14-10, Coogs

Another onside kick and luckily The ball goes out of bounds.

Ward to the 2, but a hold brings it back.

Radio guys say it wasn’t a hold. 1st down as hold was downfield during the run.

SMU beat ECU 55-31.

Intentional grounding call kills the drive for the Coogs. Roy pins Tulane at the 6.

Coogs get the stop, 3 and out

Coogs start at their own 47. Need to score here.

North side lower level

Whew we were bailed out there!

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