Houston-Tulane game thread

Pass interference on the D extends the Coogs drive.

north side pic

Our O line is not good.

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TD Dunbar catch.


1st TD

2nd TD

3rd TD

West endzone (they broke the bell)

Lets get another TD and take control of this thing!

Southwest side

Chance Allen for 34 yards to the 25. Then Catalon to the 6.

Allen TD catch


First two decks are very solid. Third deck is probbaly hwavy brokers, casual fans and not bought. Can’t really complain about that.

Coogs D Line is very good

3 and out after an Ed Oliver sack.

3 and out for Coogs. 1:30 left in the half

Radio guys saying Bowser making a big difference today. Lament that he wasn’t available for Navy.

Coogs get a 3 and out with 31 seconds left

Does :apple::white_circle: have any run plays? Duke needs to be fed more!

Coogs to the Tulane 45 with 14 seconds to go. No timeouts.

Ward hurt his thumb/wrist on the clock play. Postma throws a pick on the next play.

What in the hell was he doing there? He dove after a spike for some reason. That is a terrible way to get hurt, hope he is alright.

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