Houston vs Alabama State Game 3 (W 19-11, Jake Scheiner goes bananas)

Going for the sweep

Same lineup as yesterday:

Wong C
Padgett CF
Davis DH
Scheiner SS
Triolo 3B
Lockhart RF
Monacy 1B
Julks LF
Hollis 2B

King P

Coogs take the lead after Davis doubles and then scores after back to back wild pitches to Scheiner. COOGS lead 1-0.

New pitcher for Alabama State here in the 2nd as the COOGS have loaded the bases again with one out.

Davis singles to drive in 2. COOGS up 3-0 now.

Scheiner singles to drive in Padgett, now 4-0.

Still 1 out and runners at 1st and 2nd.

Another new pitcher after Lockhart walks to load the bases.

ASU gets a run back in the 3rd with a single, wild pitch, grounder, and an infield hit. Still threatening with 2 outs.

Wow, Wong just picked the guy off on 1st when he wasn’t paying attention.

COOGS get another run in the 3rd after Julks single, Hollis bunts him to 2nd, Julks steals 3rd, and Wong groundsout to drive him in. 5-1 now.

Triolo triples in the 4th to drive in Davis/Scheiner. 7-1 COOGS.

Happy to see the bats going again…Go Coogs…

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Fuentes pinch hits for Monacy and drives in Triolo with a groundout. 8-1 Coogs

Wong drives in Julks with a single. 9-1.

Davis single drives in Hollis/Wong to make it 11-1. Still in the 4th.

Davis 3-3 today with 4 RBIs.

And Scheiner blasts his 6th homer and plates Padgett/Davis. 14-1 COOGS.

Scheiner is 3-3 with 4 RBIs as well.

ASU gets a run in the 5th with a double, groundout, and an infield hit. 14-2

ASU gets another run with a double. 14-3 with runners at 2nd/3rd.

Groundout to Triolo scores another. 14-4.

Homer plates 2 more to make it 14-6.

I look away for a few minutes and miss 14 runs.


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