Houston vs. Cincy - Thursday at 6 pm (W 67-62)

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Cincy fans taking offense at this quote…because of course they are.


How awesome is it going to be to beat a top 5 team this Thursday!?!

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Thurs needs to hurry up. The biggest UH game at home since we played Louisville in 2014. Be loud and wear red. Also, I’m saying this to get it out the way. If you tell me to sit down during any point of the game the answer will be a big fat no.

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Grab some friends and get to the game on Thursday. We need the W. We need a big home crowd to give our kids an extra boost of energy. This is a winnable game. Our kids and Coach Sampson deserve a big crowd…they’ve been winning and telling everyone that will listen that UH is a good team and worthy of a bid to March Madness. This game vs. Cincy is what major college basketball is all about. No excuses for the fans. Cheap tickets, a great opponent, a big time game, what more can you ask for?

Go Coogs. Peace.

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yep, you can get GA tickets for under 10.00 on stub hub right now.


That early start is an excuse for plenty of people. Not for me, but I understand that being a hurdle.

It is what it is though. Stupid time zones.

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I don’t think “excuse” is a fair word in reference to not attending due to the early start. Someone who gets off work at 5 out near the Beltway has a heck of a time making it home somewhere and then to the east side for a game. Same way with folks up in Champions or out near Sugar Land. Then you include parking 1/2 a mile away plus waiting for a shuttle to load for a 10 minute drive, and there are a lot of reasons why people don’t want to try making a 6 pm game. Week day starts earlier than 7 should be refused by the university, I don’t care how much TV is offering. Give fans a chance to get there. Nevertheless, Beat the Bearcats.

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i wish the game was at 8


I wish/hope you would/do not stand during the entire game. Be selective and do it when it counts. Standing to stand is not support. I will see you at the game.

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i only stand up:

  1. when we attempt a three that’s huge
  2. on defense when we need a big stop
  3. when the opponent calls a TO after we go on a run
  4. a spectacular play whether it be a dunk, cross over, or huge block/steal

given how huge this game is, you can expect me to do that ALOT Thurs.


Well, if you have been standing every time Armoni Brooks takes a 3, then by all means, keep doing it! Brooks just picked up AAC Player of the Week honors and the dude doesn’t even start! That’s pretty impressive. We need him to keep lighting it up from outside.

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Have not seen you at the last two games. You only show up for the “big” games and ignore the others ? ? ? ? ?

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We’ll be leaving home around 1 PM, drive across town, get a bite to eat and do a little shopping, then head to the game early. Our walk across campus in a little over 60 miles. . . . .

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You don’t purchase your tickets to watch him stand up all game long ? ? ? ? ?

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Also this one:


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