Houston vs. Memphis Prediction, Game Preview

Houston vs. Memphis Prediction, Game Preview

Houston vs. Memphis prediction and game preview. Projecting who wins the matchup between the Cougars and Tigers.

Houston vs. Memphis Score Prediction: Houston 35, Memphis 20 :grinning:


I’m going with a 36-23 score for the COOGS.

I suspect another Navy game …

Oliver is not 100% … Ward is still not fully recovered.

Nothing to play for … can’t go to a NY6 bowl or play in the CCG … only thing left is going to a chumpy bowl over another chumpy bowl playing a bottom of the totem pole SEC or ACC team or one of the top SunBelt or CUSA teams … zzz-city.

The team is without a doubt distracted from all the media/UT/CTH leaving or will be thrown Fort Knox as inducement to leave UH.

Nothing to play for and the threat of a favorite HC departing and playing a tough Memphis team who is not going to fall down/roll over and say “me next” is the makings of again … Navy part deux.

Plus we don’t have the advantage of Memphis reading their own press clippings like Louisville did last week when they were more concerned why they were not in the top 4 RATHER THAN facing an unranked team who had lost to a lowly SMU team.

:stuck_out_tongue: Coogs gonna roll 35-13. they can still get an at large if they can move up the polls a few spots. why so negative? The peach bowl was great but i personally liked the comeback in the armed forces bowl against pitt. i really hope for a ny6 bowl but if not i’ll go and root for them where ever they go.


This will be another tough conference game on the road, for sure.
If we win it, then kudos to the players and coaches. I expect a W, but
anything can happen.

Issue is after downing two top five teams , we end up in a crappy bowl game, playing a crappy team without our HC who has more than likely gone over to the crappy forty acres up north next week.

Dont forget the crappy Big12 conference which had us jumping up and down like loonies.

Rant over

It’s been a good ride, we have a really solid coach, I hope to God he stays.
Happy Thanksgiving

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