Houston vs. San Diego - Game 1 (W 4-3 in 12 innings)

(Patrick) #1


Man, the way we’ve been playing lately, we could sure use a sweep!

(Patrick) #3

Little late tonight:


Etzel LF
Hollis 2B
Lockhart 1B
Fuentes DH
Minter RF
Triolo 3B
Coldiron SS
Padgett CF
Lovelace C

Cumbie P


So Padgett is back, but Davis is out.

(Patrick) #4

Top 1st
Cumbie gives up a leadoff single, but that’s it. Racks up his 1st K to end the inning.

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #5

Bottom 1st
Hollis with a 1 out single, but nothing else doing

T2…No Score

(Patrick) #6

Top 2nd
Cumbie doesn’t give up a hit, but Lockhart drops a popup with two outs and Triolo follows with an error on a grounder. Cumbie tallies his 2nd K to finally end the inning.

M2…No Score

(Patrick) #7

Bottom 2nd
1 out single by Triolo, but he’s erased as Coldiron grounds into a double play

T3…No Score

(Patrick) #8

Top 3rd
Leadoff Single, Fielder’s choice, stolen base, walk, double steal, and a 3 run dong. 3-0 San Diego.

Cumbie K’s the next batter, gives up a single, a HBP, and then K’s the final batter.

M3…San Diego leads 3-0

(Patrick) #9

Bottom 3rd
2 out walk by Etzel and then a triple by Hollis…3-1 San Diego leads

T4…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #10

Top 4th
Leadoff single, but Cumbie pitches around it

M4…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #11

Bottom 4th
2 out single from Triolo but that’s it

T5…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #12

Top 5th
Cumbie works around a leadoff double and a walk…up to 5Ks now

M5…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #13

Bottom 5th
Leadoff single by Padgett is all we get

T6…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #14

Top 6th
Cumbie works a 1-2-3 inning

M6…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #15

Bottom 6th
3 up 3 down for the Coogs

T7…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #16

Top 7th
Brayson Hurdsman on to pitch

Hurdsman gives up a 1 out single, a stolen base, a wild pitch, and a walk before inducing a double play to get of trouble

M7…San Diego leads 3-1

(Patrick) #17

Bottom 7th
Slaughter pinch hits for Minter and singles to center, followed by a single by Triolo to put runners on 1st and 2nd. Padgett with a 1 out single to load the bases.

With 2 outs, San Diego goes to the pen as Etzel steps in

And Etzel singles home 2 to tie the game…3-3

T8…Tied 3-3

(Patrick) #19

Top 8th
Hurdsman gives up a 1 out double and is relieved by Carter Henry

Henry hits his first batter, but gets a fly out to center for the 2nd out…runners now on the corners. Henry then walks the bases loaded…2 outs. And he gets out of it with a grounder to short.

M8…Tied 3-3

(Patrick) #20

Bottom 8th
With 1 out, San Diego goes to the pen. Coogs go in order.

T9…Tied 3-3

(Patrick) #21

Top 9th
Henry gives up a 2 out single, but nothing else.

M9…Tied 3-3

Chance to walk it off again