Houston vs. Temple Game Preview

(Patrick) #1

It’s funny how a year changes the scenery so much. The two teams from this week’s AAC Game of the Week, Memphis and UCF, were fairly average last year. Houston and Temple would have been two of the top teams at this point last year, and this game would have been hyped up more. Temple is 2-2 but could easily be 0-4, and I just don’t see how they can move the ball on Houston’s defense.

My pick: Houston 38 Temple 13


I think we score less if KA starts and goes all the way. UH 16-3. If KA is pulled early (Here’s hoping!), I think we hit 38. Can’t see their O getting more than an FG off our D. A shut out is a real possibility, I think.

(Eric Prado) #3

Unless we turn it over inside our 20


Mr. Sunshine, even then I think odds are our D holds unless we do it 5 times!