Houston Vs UNLV - Game 1 - CANCELED

(Patrick) #1

Houston (27-18, 9-9 The American) vs. UNLV (17-14, 11-7 Mountain West)
May 3-5 | Don Sanders Field at Darryl & Lori Schroeder Park
G1: Live Stats | Live Stream | Live Audio

(Roy McAvoy) #2

(Dan) #3

Any opinions on why they’re not trying to squeeze in a double header Sat or Sun? Just don’t want to use the arms? Late season OOC series that doesn’t mean much?


Too bad they didn’t let the game go on tonite. Its perfect for baseball. No severe weather until after 1:00 am according to the radar…My son and I planned to go.


Seemed like a way too-early call. Guessing maybe it had to be rpi related?

(Randy ) #6

Because UNLV isn’t good. Our RPI will go down even with a win and we are on the bubble. We don’t want to play this game.

(Randy Randel) #7


(Patrick) #8

Bingo. No need to use up arms against a +100 RPI team this time of year.