Houston vs. Wichita State - Semifinals AAC Tourney (W 77-74)

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Game starts at 2:30 pm on Saturday. Coogs and Wichita State take 3

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Gonna be a good game.

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Everything is gravy now. RPI/KenPom ratings likely won’t go down with a loss to Wichita or Cinci. UH is now #18 in Ken Pom, #19 in RPI, and #17 in BPI.

Win over Wichita moves the RPI to #16. Wins over both Cinci and Wichita move RPI to #11.

Bracketology this morning has UH as a #6 in the West playing a Dallas pod vs Florida State with Auburn and New Mexico in the other game. (Would take this draw in heartbeat).

I think if UH beats Wichita, they are no worse than a 5 seed and might move up to the 4 line.

Also of note and helping Coogs seeding: Providence upset Xavier and is in the Big East final while Arkansas upset Florida and is in the SEC semis.

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The Houston loss marked the low-point in the season for WSU. It was the first time since 2013 that the Shockers lost back-to-back conference games and the only time they have been defeated by double-digits this season.

Even though the Cougars represent a tougher challenge, WSU will gladly embrace it if it means a chance to redeem itself for what it considered an embarrassing performance in Houston.


Beating Wichita would help our cause the most.

Teams we played who are still alive (good if they won):


Teams around us who are still playing (good if they lost):

West Virginia

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Does anyone know of a watch party inside the loop for today’s game?

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Makes me look at this guy in a very different light.

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They have Wichita State as a three point favorite.


Sidenote…TSU is in the SWAC final today. Would love to see those guys get a shot at the Big Dance also. If they win, I’ll know karma was involved somehow.

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Yep. That would be great. Our South Main “rival” didn’t even make their conference tourney.

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game time

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game time!


so many wsu fans there

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yep. smh

cant wait till the conference tourney is in fort worth…

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Witchita State Fans must not work

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Wichita State is soft. We need to come out and punch them in the mouth