Houston Wax Museum

(Dustin K) #1

I asked this on Facebook but thought I would post it here too. If there was a wax museum in Houston. Who would you include in the museum of locals?

I will get you started, first Marvin Zindler.


Judge Roy Hofheinz

(Patrick) #3

Sam Houston

(Dustin K) #4

Mama Ninfa

(Timothy Q. Chan) #5

Geto Boys


Red Adair
A J Foyt
Michael DeBakey
George Foreman
Jimmy Demarit
Nolan Ryan
Billy Gibbons
Howard Hughes

(Nick K) #7

clyde drexler

(Dustin K) #8

Good one. Also, DJ Screw, Mickey Leeland, Paul Boesch, Stevens & Pruitt.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #9

Mattress Mack
George HW Bush
Dr Red Duke
George Foreman
Carl Lewis

(Chris) #10

Dennis/Randy Quaid
Hillary Duff
Kenny the gambler Rogers
and who can forget Shannon Elizabeth.


Archie Bell
Lionel Hampton
Albert Collins
Johnny Copeland
Clifton Chenier
Sam “Lightnin’" Hopkins
Townes Van Zandt
Lyle Lovett

(Timothy Q. Chan) #12

Leon Haywood
Johnny Nash
Kenny Rogers

(norb) #13

Rice University and Arizona, because we sure waxed them.