Houston's Kelvin Sampson & Seton Hall's Kevin Willard - March Madness 365 with Andy Katz

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Houston Head Coach Kelvin Sampson chronicles the development of his program and culture from his first year in Houston to their recent incredible run in the NCAA Tournament. He speaks to his family’s role in the team, the roster coming back next season, the schedule he’s putting together, and what he thinks about the rules committee possibly moving the 3-point line. And Seton Hall has become a coaching destination gig, and that’s due in large part to the efforts of current head coach Kevin Willard. Kevin talks about the growth of the program, and what’s contributed to its success. He also speaks about his returning roster, upcoming schedule of games, and Myles Powell’s NBA draft journey to date.

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Mentions that we will be in the SEC Challenge, mentions that there will be a game that they are finalizing that he’s really excited about, and also mentions that we will be in a preseason tournament that many want to be in.

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Also sounds like they’ll be moving the 3 point line back to the international distance. NCAA is currently at 20’ 9" while FIBA is 22’ 1 3/4"


I wish they would go to 4 quarters like women’s game has along with moving the 3pt line back. Would help a lot with fouls being reset each quarter:grin:


So we have known home games against BYU and Okie State. A known road game against Oregon. And a likely home and home starting this year against A&M. I like how the schedule is stacking up so far.