How 2017’s cancelations could change the postseason

(Patrick) #1

Most of the canceled games were non-conference, but two were AAC games. Memphis and USF entered the year as the favorites to win the AAC’s divisions, and now neither is scheduled to play a complete AAC slate. Per AAC rules, division titles are based on “the highest winning percentage in all conference games,” rather than on number of wins.

(Chojn1) #2

This is actually an advantage for us if it holds. Say we lose to Memphis, and they lose to another conference team. We will be ranked higher by conference win percentage and would win the division despite the head to head loss.

The same would apply with USF. If we both are one loss team, then we get to host the championship regardless of who won the USF-Houston game.

(Chris) #3

San Diego State wins against Stanford? They are in the driver seat.