How Boise State Helped Shape the Modern American Athletic Conference

Man…UCONN folks love the sour grapes. Love the complaint about Tulsa and ECU being bad football teams…considering UCONN has been even worse. Still, good history lesson about the formation of the conference.

On New Year’s Eve 2012, Boise State officially announced they were staying in the Mountain West after the league agreed to sell the rights to their home games in a different package than the conference’s deal with CBS Sports Network, along with a few other perks. They also added a piece to their offer sheet that if the Mountain West offered membership to another school in the next year, the first offer must be to San Diego State.

San Diego State’s contract with the Big East had a provision that if there were no other members west of the Rocky Mountains, the Aztecs could leave without penalty. Not long after, SDSU re-joined the Mountain West.


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