How 'Bout Some Kevin Sumlin

His record at The U. of Arizona is 9-15.

His recruiting ranking for the 2020 season is 12th. in The PAC 12. Yep, dead last.

His commitments for the 2021 recruiting class stands at zero. He is one of only 2 Division 1 Head Coaches to be at zero.

Attendance at home games last Season fell to 35,000. That is the lowest in at least 45 years.

At Wildcats Land he has found neither Case Keenum nor Johnny Manzell already on campus waiting for him.He ruined the QB that was there, Tate.

And, yes, he still laughs all the way to the Bank. Lots of contract $money.


Sumlin did not suddenly become a bad football coach so it’s hard to say what the deal is in Arizona.

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As much as Sumlin was overrated and he was. Art Briles needs to be recognized for what he built here. I get it he will forever have the scarlet letter but he is one of greatest coaches this state has ever produced. He saved us when we were talking about shutting down football. Baylor was horrible before Art.


I seriously doubt Sumlin has much fire left to do anything other than collect a good payday and have his ego stroked.

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When you the rock starts going downhill it gets faster

Arizona is a hard place to win at. Limited talent base, another nearby school getting the same thing and everyone is trying to get onto California. Your going to get decent but not game changing talent from Texas. It’s one of those places if you do win big you leave for a stable job in a football area or you cash in quickly.

Hes a solid head coach…circumstances definitely play a role in success. I guarantee you jimbo isn’t going to do much better of a job at A&M.


I agree

Meanwhile, Arizona State’s hire of Herm Edwards seems to be solid. Still early, but that’s not going to make Sumlin’s job any easier.

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The last two years, especially last year, Arizona played without passion. They remind me of the UT
basketball team–they play flat.

The Sports writer for Tucson’s newspaper has implied a drinking problem exists.

Sumlin is likely to be fired after this season. His talent level is too low for much success.

Not sure why you would watch a UT basketball game. I’m sure I never have. As for this thread on Sumlin, let it go. Move on. Sumlin did long ago.

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ONly UT games, whether football, basketball, or baseball that I have watched were when they were playing the Coogs. I boycot them otherwise.



The Athletic did a good feature on how Arizona (the state) has exploded into somewhat of a recruiting hotbed with lots of former athletes making the state their home and those athletes producing D1 caliber football playing offspring.

Notable in that story was how little of the high end talent Sumlin has even made a token effort at pursuing.


I have 2 grandchildren in Phoenix and they have played youth soccer against numerous children of former Pro players.

The recruiting presence of The U. Of Arizona is nearly zero.

The possible starting QB for Washington St. this Fall is Gunner Cruz who won State Titles at Casteel High, which is where my Grand children have attended. Arizona State recruited him but not U of A.

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Donavan McNabb and Brian Urlacher both live in the area of Casteel High School and their children play soccer.

There are plenty more. Future talent for College Football.

OU’s starting QB this Fall is from Phoenix. So is our former QB Kyle Allen.

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I always felt that Sumlin was just lazy !


The killer is apparently his son plays on a really good team (a catholic school whose name I cant recall) and even then he couldnt be bothered to go after that team’s top players.

There are a lot of bright individuals who refuse to put in the work because they are satisfied with the pay they have. Sumlin is definitely one of those guys.



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